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Our Research

In the Ultrafast Electronics and Nanophotonics group, we explore new phenomena and revolutionary applications of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale, including pushing electronics to their ultimate limits and contributing to a sustainable future. We leverage the world’s most powerful X-ray sources for groundbreaking discoveries that can reshape the future. Our group's multi-disciplinary research provides a stimulating environment for students, postdocs, and staff. Enjoy our website!

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Recent Publications

  • Franz, Paris, Siqi Li, Taran Driver, River Robles, David Cesar, Erik Isele, Zhaoheng Guo, Jun Wang, Joseph Duris, Kirk Larsen, James Glownia, Xinxin Cheng, Matthias Hoffmann, Xiang Li, Ming-Fu Lin, Andrei Kamalov, Razib Obaid, Adam Summers, Nick Sudar, Emily Thierstein, Zhen Zhang, Matthias Kling, Zhirong Huang, James Cryan, and Agostino Marinelli. “Terawatt-Scale Attosecond X-Ray Pulses from a Cascaded Superradiant Free-Electron Laser”, Nature Phot..
  • Mitra, Sambit, Alvaro Jimenez-Galan, Mario Aulich, Marcel Neuhaus, Rui Silva, Volodymyr Pervak, Matthias Kling, and Shubhadeep Biswas. “Light-Wave-Controlled Haldane Model in Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride”, Nature, 628 (April 15, 2024): 752–757.
  • Guo, Zhaoheng, Taran Driver, Sandra Beauvarlet, David Cesar, Joseph Duris, Paris Franz, Oliver Alexander, Dorian Bohler, Christoph Bostedt, Vatali Averbukh, Xinxin Cheng, Louis DiMauro, Gilles Doumy, Ruaridh Forbes, Oliver Gessner, James Glownia, Erik Isele, Andrei Kamalov, Kirk Larsen, Siqi Li, Xiang Li, Ming-Fu Lin, Gregory McCracken, Razib Obaid, Jordon O’Neal, River Robles, Daniel Rolles, Marco Ruberti, Artem Rudenko, Daniel Slaughter, Nicholas Sudar, Emily Thierstein, Daniel Tuthill, Kyoshi Ueda, Enliang Wang, Anna Wang, Jun Wang, Thorsten Weber, Thomas Wolf, Linda Young, Zhen Zhang, Philip Bucksbaum, Jon Marangos, Matthias Kling, Zhirong Huang, Peter Walter, Ludger Inhester, Nora Berrah, James Cryan, and Agostino Marinelli. “Experimental Demonstration of Attosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy With an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser”, Nature Phot..

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